Yes, I may be obsessed. Their design and execution are always incredible, and will leave you in awe. OK Go’s latest video includes over 500 printers, recycled paper, and donations to a good cause.

Tame Impala Live at UIC


Tame Impala is a band that I have been wanting to see live for quite some time, and last night my void had been filled!

Benjamin Booker almost blew out the speakers opening the show. Tons of reverb and even some unbearable high-pitch feedback. Once they got that under control, the music was loud and thumpin’!

Tame Impala’s crew came out in lab coats as they set up the stage. I thought it was a fitting uniform for a guitar/instrument technician. They opened the show with a bang of confetti and closed the show the same way!

I was amused by the light-show and the synchronicity between the lead guitar and the visual currents projected on the screen. It was trippy to say the least. The entire joint was lit up in about 5 minutes, someone open a window! Although, I really didn’t mind 😉

My favorite moment was the final song, the band walks of stage and the entire crowd is cheering. People start holding up their lighters, cell-phone lights, etc and the room slowly starts becoming brighter. The band can’t refuse an encore with a display of love like that!

Check out a few pics and video from the show last evening!


Jimi Hendrix: All Is By My Side


I’ve been hearing updates for this movie over the last couple of years with delays for various reasons. Producers ended up casting Andre 3000 as the lead role, Jimi. Today, they have FINALLY released a preview – I am a little disappointed in the preview, because it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Although, I think my love for music and the 60’s era will overcome my preconceived notions.

Jack White’s Ultra LP


My album came in the mail, and I’ve finally had the chance to go through my rituals of opening a brand new LP. First of all, even box the LP is shipped in is designed with the iconic “Third Man” stripes. OK – I’m impressed.

After peeling off the plastic, and sliding out the vinyl sleeve and other inserts, I carefully remove the record from the sleeve. At first, I was slightly disappointed that there was no Angelic 3D hologram on the vinyl like it’s featured in this video. Until I was picking up my dining room table and noticed a little leaflet that had a note saying you might need to shine a spotlight over Side-A to see the hologram! YES! The Ultra LP is everything they said it would be!

Jack White’s new album, Lazaretto, is set to be released in June. It’s being referred to as an Ultra LP. Let me tell you, this is monumental in the history of vinyl records. Nothing like this has ever been done before. Jack White and Third Man Records achieved not one, but SIX new features. Please watch this video to see for yourself – prepare to have your mind blown!

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The Black Keys Talk Vinyl [Watch]


What a great article + video! During the video, I found myself thinking, “How cool is this?!” At the end of the video, one of the reporters asked, “Is it sustainable?” The answer is YES. The vinyls being pressed in the 1940 through the 70s-80s were meant to last up to 90 years or so before they become unplayable due to how thin and light-weight vinyls. Today’s records are pressed on 180g vinyl and will last twice as long. You figure about one year per gram.

I can relate to organizing and disorganizing my dad’s record collection. In fact, I took over half of them with me when I moved to Chicago. Sorry, Dad. I love them as much as you did, but am trying to take better care of them 🙂