TV Killed The Radio


I feel like people don’t appreciate the radio as much as they used to. It’s taken for granted and with today’s technology and multiple channels, I find it difficult to find a truly great radio station, let alone a great radio show/segment. I have always loved listening to the radio, since before I can remember. I used to record the radio to cassette tapes in high school. #NerdAlert My favorite radio memory is turning on the radio just in time to catch Jack White perform at the Chicago Theater, that XRT just so happened to be broadcasting live from – that was historic.

I digress. I have found a radio station that I absolutely love – WXRT in Chicago! Every morning I catch a bit of Lin Brehmer, who I have grown to love and appreciate over the years. The way he transitions one song to the next is brilliant. And on my way home in the evening, I tune in just in time to catch Lin’s Bin! Every day, a different topic. And I like how he works various songs into each segment. I also tune in to listen to Jason Thomas, Tom Marker, Terri Hemmert and Breakfast with the Beatles almost every weekend.

Potentially the Best Collaboration Ever


could be doing a song together in the near-distant future. I feel like I could die a happy girl if this happens. I would be like a robot that has taken on too much information and can’t function correctly. How many times have I compared Jack White’s talents to that of Robert Plant? They way each of them are able to play the same old song, but in a way that it sounds like something you’ve never heard before. Each time sounds better than the last.