Joanne by Lady Gaga


What can I say? I am Ga-Ga for Joanne. I’ve always been a fan of Lady Gaga and everything she represents. I feel like I am maturing with her and our music tastes compliment each other too.

This album is a little more raw, a little more country, and a little more emotional than her previous compilations. I believe this is her strongest work yet, working with some more alternative artists like Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, and producer Mark Ronson.

I love the song Joanne because I can totally relate to it at this time in my life. I just made a big career move and now I wonder where I will go from here as I begin to plan my goals for the year ahead. Then the song John Wayne is a great follow-up song that lets you let loose and go a little wild. The song Hey Girl came on with Florence Welch, and I literally “OMG” out loud as I was listening to it in the office. I almost died with excitement. Grigio Girls is just a get-down fun song and I love it – dance it up!

Tame Impala Live at UIC


Tame Impala is a band that I have been wanting to see live for quite some time, and last night my void had been filled!

Benjamin Booker almost blew out the speakers opening the show. Tons of reverb and even some unbearable high-pitch feedback. Once they got that under control, the music was loud and thumpin’!

Tame Impala’s crew came out in lab coats as they set up the stage. I thought it was a fitting uniform for a guitar/instrument technician. They opened the show with a bang of confetti and closed the show the same way!

I was amused by the light-show and the synchronicity between the lead guitar and the visual currents projected on the screen. It was trippy to say the least. The entire joint was lit up in about 5 minutes, someone open a window! Although, I really didn’t mind 😉

My favorite moment was the final song, the band walks of stage and the entire crowd is cheering. People start holding up their lighters, cell-phone lights, etc and the room slowly starts becoming brighter. The band can’t refuse an encore with a display of love like that!

Check out a few pics and video from the show last evening!


Lolla 2015


Now that the hype for Lollapalooza has somewhat died down, I feel like now I can actually discuss it without someone scoffing about the headliners. Haters gonna hate. Every year I hear people bash the lineup of Lolla and I will admit that I have been one of those people. And its usually because I am jealous that the person boasting about the lineup had gotten tickets to Lolla. The tickets sell out so fast! I couldn’t get 3-day passes, so I opted for 2 single-day passes instead.

Paul McCartney! whaaAAAAT? I believe this may be Lolla’s greatest performance yet. And then to close out the festival with my favorite band, Florence + the Machine?! OK, Lollapalooza, you win. Take my money. Then add Alabama Shakes, Alt-J, Gary Clark Jr, Tame Impala, Hot Chip, Cold War Kids, Marina & The Diamonds, Of Monsters and Men, TV On The Radio makes it even more worth my while.

I am also looking forward to some up-and-coming artists like George Ezra, Misterwives, Shakey Graves, FKA Twigs, Father John Misty, and Tove Lo.

I can’t wait to write about my fav performances later this summer! Stay tuned…

New Music in 2015


Every new year, I always get excited to see what albums are expected to drop or who’s headlining what and writing new material.

I am really looking forward to new music from Alabama Shakes in the coming year. Their debut album, Boys & Girls, really hit home with and quickly became a favorite of mine. Another group I am super excited about hearing from this year is Florence + The Machine. A few rumored leaks have been floating around on internet that a new album is expected in the second quarter of 2015. They have also been confirmed to be headlining this year’s Coachella festival, along with Jack White and Tame Impala…it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from them. In fact, they’ve been working on a new record with Mark Ronson. Mark Ronson is expected to come back with strong force with Uptown Funk, also featuring Bruno Mars and Chance the Rapper (who also has a new album expected to be released later in the year).

The XX have been seen recording in various locations, working on their next LP No. 3. Marina & The Diamonds have been dropping singles leading up to their album release in April. Ellie Goulding has been one busy bee in 2014, working on a new direction for music in 2015. She’s been partnering with Calvin Harris, and sharing lots of new cover songs on social media.

Muse is also expected to release some new, heavy and raw material with controversial material touching current events, economical issues, social diversities – heavy stuff with a heavy sound that I’m looking forward to.

So what are you looking forward to in music for this year?

I hear Adele is working again 🙂


Led Zeppelin by Tame Impala


Led Zeppelin is the bonus track on Tame Impala’s latest album, Lonerism. I found it a bit unusual that the bonus track didn’t come at the end of the album. I was also disappointed that it’s not available on Spotify…

Anyway, it follows the song Elephant, my second favorite song on this album. Led Zeppelin also just so happens to be my favorite classic rock band. I believe this song pays tribute to the band in a tasteful and original way. The rhythm makes you groove and is just a feel-good song. Please listen.