Joanne by Lady Gaga


What can I say? I am Ga-Ga for Joanne. I’ve always been a fan of Lady Gaga and everything she represents. I feel like I am maturing with her and our music tastes compliment each other too.

This album is a little more raw, a little more country, and a little more emotional than her previous compilations. I believe this is her strongest work yet, working with some more alternative artists like Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, and producer Mark Ronson.

I love the song Joanne because I can totally relate to it at this time in my life. I just made a big career move and now I wonder where I will go from here as I begin to plan my goals for the year ahead. Then the song John Wayne is a great follow-up song that lets you let loose and go a little wild. The song Hey Girl came on with Florence Welch, and I literally “OMG” out loud as I was listening to it in the office. I almost died with excitement. Grigio Girls is just a get-down fun song and I love it – dance it up!

AHS: Music


American Horror Story is one of my favorite late-night TV shows. The direction, casting, acting, cinematography, and music are some of the best I have ever seen on cable. Each season is better than the last, pushing the envelope more than ever. The current season, Hotel, features Lady Gaga, and she is ravishing. Yet, surprisingly, none of her music is on the score this season. I was having a conversation wondering about who chooses the music for this show? Because that person has put together one hell of a soundtrack! From Disco to Drake, enjoy!