Jack White’s Ultra LP


My album came in the mail, and I’ve finally had the chance to go through my rituals of opening a brand new LP. First of all, even box the LP is shipped in is designed with the iconic “Third Man” stripes. OK – I’m impressed.

After peeling off the plastic, and sliding out the vinyl sleeve and other inserts, I carefully remove the record from the sleeve. At first, I was slightly disappointed that there was no Angelic 3D hologram on the vinyl like it’s featured in this video. Until I was picking up my dining room table and noticed a little leaflet that had a note saying you might need to shine a spotlight over Side-A to see the hologram! YES! The Ultra LP is everything they said it would be!

Jack White’s new album, Lazaretto, is set to be released in June. It’s being referred to as an Ultra LP. Let me tell you, this is monumental in the history of vinyl records. Nothing like this has ever been done before. Jack White and Third Man Records achieved not one, but SIX new features. Please watch this video to see for yourself – prepare to have your mind blown!

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