My Lollapalooza ’17 recap


This year I got Lollapalooza single-day tickets for Sunday, to close out the 4-day fest with Arcade Fire. Can you tell who I was most excited to see? Surprisingly though, The Shins stole the day for me. In light of recent Arcade Fire’s controversial plagiarism news, it kind of put a damper on my excitement to see them.

We began the day by taking the CTA to downtown and as soon as we got on the train, I felt over-dressed and that I may be getting to old to be going to Lollapalooza…but then I remembered that I registered our wristbands to the Citibank lounge and guess what? I fit right in! No children or booty shorts! They had fun lawn games and a cushy place to put your tushy to rest. That’s the way to Lollapalooza! Until the shows we wanted to see started and then we wandered down to the lawn for a closer look.

Here are a few pics from the day:



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