Everything Now!


As I listen to Arcade Fire's new album for the um-teenth time on repeat, I think I am finally able to put my reaction into words. Everything Now is just that.

This album is about everything that is happening right now. Today's technological world and reliance: both beauty and ugliness of it.

The title track, Everything Now is the setting of a city or a world we live in where anything is accessible at any time we want…i.e. The Internet, which is a recurring theme in the album. Another thing I love about this album is that it was written as a cohesively, melodies and rhythms that are heard from song to song. The album starts upbeat and cheerful with the first few tracks, which were released in order every week or so leading up to the release of Everything Now. Then the light-hearted and fun songs in the middle, and a somber digital ending that really left me questioning having all of my personal data online… 🤔

Creature Comfort is a bit more serious as it reminds me of too many of today's youth putting their entire lives online and justifying their actions with likes and comments.

My favorite songs include Peter Pan, Put Your Money on Me, Electric Blue, Chemistry, and all the other songs…it's a great album really! I haven't been able to skip any songs. Whatever Arcade Fire is doing, they should not change the formula.


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