All You Need is Love


Whenever the world is getting you down or you are having a hard day, put on The Beatles. Eight out of ten times, the song will be uplifting and the other two times, the song will be just what you need to hear.

With all of the crazy politics going on and all of my family and friends in an uproar, I am left feeling exhausted, confused, and disappointed. I must stay positive. I have to, there is no other way to survive and generally not be in a bad mood all the time.

This has happened to me twice, which is why I am writing about this. I take the train to way work and am usually listening to music. On these particularly difficult days I put on The Beatles and the first song to come on was All You Need is Love followed by Let it Be and then a really random song like Rocky Racoon or Penny Lane. The first two songs have been the constant in both cases.

It reminds me that first and foremost: LOVE wins. Always. Second: Don’t be angry over what you cannot change. I’m starting to think my iTunes’ shuffle setting isn’t that random after all, or someone else controlling my playlist  😉


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