Music is not dead

This cute little old lady pointed out the seat next to me on the train to sit down. A few stops go by in silence. Then some dude + bicycle gets on the train blaring music sans headphones. The first song was hip-hop/rap. The second song was something religious/country. After a few of minutes, the cute little old lady spoke up asking where that noise is coming from. A couple of stops go by and this guy not getting off of the train, I politely asked him to turn his music off or at least turn it down. He moved to the other end of the car, and this old lady and I proceeded to have this awesome conversation about music!
We talked about everything from Mozart to Mick Jagger! I asked her what her favorite music kind of music is and she likes Jazz, more specifically The Duke. She asked me what some of my favorites are, but she didn’t recognize many of my favorites. She knew Leon Bridges and that was alright by me. We talked about James Brown and oh how she liked to used to get down!
Its funny how music moves us apart and brings people back together.
PSA: There is a time and place for music. As the old lady on the train put it, “I have my music and you have your music. Music can be like religion, it’s not accepted in all places.” I don’t think she could have put it more simply.
The last thing she asked before departing off of the train, “What’s up with that Disc Jockey music?” I’ll leave you pondering with that.