Tame Impala Live at UIC


Tame Impala is a band that I have been wanting to see live for quite some time, and last night my void had been filled!

Benjamin Booker almost blew out the speakers opening the show. Tons of reverb and even some unbearable high-pitch feedback. Once they got that under control, the music was loud and thumpin’!

Tame Impala’s crew came out in lab coats as they set up the stage. I thought it was a fitting uniform for a guitar/instrument technician. They opened the show with a bang of confetti and closed the show the same way!

I was amused by the light-show and the synchronicity between the lead guitar and the visual currents projected on the screen. It was trippy to say the least. The entire joint was lit up in about 5 minutes, someone open a window! Although, I really didn’t mind 😉

My favorite moment was the final song, the band walks of stage and the entire crowd is cheering. People start holding up their lighters, cell-phone lights, etc and the room slowly starts becoming brighter. The band can’t refuse an encore with a display of love like that!

Check out a few pics and video from the show last evening!