David Bowie’s ★


Read Rolling Stone’s article:  The Inside Story of David Bowie’s Stunning New Album, ‘Blackstar’

This article might give you chills after this morning’s news that David Bowie has passed away after battling cancer for 18 months. This is striking news for all of us. I don’t think anyone except for his family and friends knew of his illness. BBC reports that he died peacefully at home beside his family.

★ was released on Friday, 1/8, David Bowie’s 69th Birthday. Little did we all know, it was a subtle, yet powerful goodbye to us all. With lyrics alluding to his fate: Look up here, I’m in heaven, I’ve got scars that can’t be seen, I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen, Everybody knows me now.

I keep thinking back to the David Bowie Is exhibit at the MCA last year and am so grateful to say that I experienced David Bowie Is.

David Bowie was a living legend, hero and music genius. He paved the way for a new genre of music, and changed the world. He opened doors for people afraid to be themselves and showed that its OK to be different.

His life will always be remembered and celebrated. Check out the ★ album and other Bowie albums on iTunes


AHS: Music


American Horror Story is one of my favorite late-night TV shows. The direction, casting, acting, cinematography, and music are some of the best I have ever seen on cable. Each season is better than the last, pushing the envelope more than ever. The current season, Hotel, features Lady Gaga, and she is ravishing. Yet, surprisingly, none of her music is on the score this season. I was having a conversation wondering about who chooses the music for this show? Because that person has put together one hell of a soundtrack! From Disco to Drake, enjoy!