A Taste of Spoon


Someone had their clever pants on when they came up with Saturday’s lineup for The Taste of Chicago. Houndmouth and SPOON at the Taste. Ha

Enough about that. Houndmouth was a little unfamiliar to some, but had people rocking nonetheless! I recognized their hit song, Sedona, that WXRT plays every now and again.

Spoon was awesome! I’ve been listening to Spoon since high school and have always wanted to see them play live. Thanks to The Taste, I finally got to make that happen at an affordable price and decent venue. The weather wasn’t great, and it was outdoors, but I came prepared with a poncho! They played a good mix of new and old songs like The Way We Get By, Don’t You Evah, The Underdog, and my newest Spoon favorite, Inside Out.



I found myself in a work discussion about what many of today’s technologies looked like 8-10 years ago. Macintosh/Apple computers, Facebook vs The Facebook when you used to have to be invited by a friend to join, and then I brought up Myspace. I asked if anyone still used it and no one on my team did.

Out of curiosity I visited Myspace for the first time in about 10 years. I was shocked by how different it looked, but very impressed by its design. I am loving that all of the featured content is music and movie related and not everyone else’s drama. I may just stop using Facebook and go back to Myspace.