David Bowie Is…

David Bowie Is @ the MCA in Chicago

Legendary. Phenomenal. Outrageous. Genius.

I’ve woken up with David Bowie songs stuck in my head a few days leading up to this event and every day since! After visiting the David Bowie Is exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, I left with so much more respect for this man.

In my teen years, I knew a few of his hit songs (and then some that I didn’t know were originally his), and recognized him the movie, Labyrinth. Then was exposed to more of his work during my college years. I was shocked to hear that others my age had no clue who he was/is. I encourage all young adults to visit this exhibit while it’s still available – GO NOW!

The exhibit takes through Bowie’s career, starting with Ziggy Stardust. I never realized that persona came so early in his career. As I began to journey through this interactive exhibit, different songs and interviews would come on the provided headset as you walked up to different focal points. I found myself getting stuck at the videos because I wanted to hear the whole song and maybe dance a little while I read the plaque on the wall.

It warmed my heart to learn how he embraced his uniqueness and encouraged others to do the same. Be proud of who you are and don’t let anyone make you think any less.

Another favorite portion of the exhibit was how Bowie breaks down the systematic way he wrote songs. I almost felt a little disappointment, thinking he wasn’t as poetic as I had originally thought. But then with reason and purpose behind it, he left it open to interpretation. To each his own – including Bowie.

The exhibit included journal entries, sketches, paintings, movie clips and SO MANY COSTUMES! I loved the costumes. Even a few outfits by Alexander McQueen! The exhibit finale closes with various performances being projected onto the wall where it feels like you are in the audience.

Now, LET’S DANCE! Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

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