Queen of the Clouds by Tove Lo


Tove Lo’s premiere song Habits caught my attention on the radio about a month or so ago. I liked it. Then one morning I caught a short interview about the music video for Habits on VH1 and proceeded to watch the video. I thought it was a little sad and kind of depressing, but the song grew on me.

Her album, Queen of the Clouds dropped last week and I picked a few songs I thought I would like. Silly me, I should start from the beginning and listen to the entire album start to finish. This 19-track album had me on an emotional roller coaster right along with her. She is so genuine and relate-able to any woman in her 20’s. From the initial feeling of falling in love to the uncontrollable love-hate when you are mad at the one you love, to the inevitable break-up/realization that nothing lasts forever, but to enjoy the present moments you share.

I think the songs I love the most are My Gun, Talking Body, Time Bomb, Moments (my most fav), Got Love, Not on Drugs, and Habits.