This Is All Yours – Alt J


I’ve been eagerly waiting for this day to come for months now – the day that Alt-J released their second album, This Is All Yours.

If you thought their first album was strange and liked it, then you’re in for a treat because the second album is even more strange. It starts slow and calm, then progresses with more upbeat harmonies and intricate beats. The music tells a story, although I need to listen to the album a few more times before I understand the entire story. I can tell you that my favorite songs are Every Other Freckle, Left Hand Free, Hunger of the Pine, The Gospel of John Hurt, Leaving Nara (Getting to Nara wasn’t as exciting), and the bonus track Lovely Day.

Potentially the Best Collaboration Ever


could be doing a song together in the near-distant future. I feel like I could die a happy girl if this happens. I would be like a robot that has taken on too much information and can’t function correctly. How many times have I compared Jack White’s talents to that of Robert Plant? They way each of them are able to play the same old song, but in a way that it sounds like something you’ve never heard before. Each time sounds better than the last.