Arcade Fire’s Reflektor Tour at United Center, Chicago


The entire show was an experience to remember! The dress code was formal/costume. There were a lot of masquerade-type costumes, some really out there costumes, and others just dressed to impress. Even the band was dressed up!

Prior to the show we were treated to the musical stylings of DEVO and digital composer between sets. As we were patiently awaiting the band to take stage, we took notice of all the mirrors on the ceiling and giant balloon drop. I also noticed cannons for confetti! I knew it would be a good show! Arcade Fire was introduced by a man in a reflective disco-ball suit with light refracting in all directions leading to the opening song Reflektor. They went on to play several songs from Suburbs with Reflektor songs generously sprinkled throughout the set. I knew Arcade Fire had been doing a different cover song for each city they played in. I came rushing back from a bathroom break to find MAVIS STAPLES on stage! I was pleasantly surprised, and kind of shocked that not many people in the audience around me knew her name. Do your self a favor and Google her name if you aren’t familiar.

Anyway, I have more photos to upload, but here are a few pics for you to check out.

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