Jack White Live at Chicago Theater


I was pretty bummed I wasn’t able to get tickets to see Jack White play in Chicago, but then I heard on the radio that XRT would be broadcasting the concert, LIVE! I almost forgot, and luckily saw XRT’s update in my newsfeed to remind me. I immediately tune in and boy, am I glad I did! QUICK – here’s the LINK

I am listening to the concert on the radio and I imagine it as if Jack White is giving me a private concert. I ask him, “Have I heard this before?” Jack’s reply, I imagine going something along the lines of, “Yeah, but not like this.” And then he would continue to play. I was listening to a White Stripes original played in a style I was not familiar with, but it wasn’t something I recognized until 2/3 of the way through the song! It takes an extremely talented musician to pull that off.

I’ve seen Jack White in concert before and he puts on an amazing show, and right now I am only listening and I can tell I am missing a moment in Rock History – but hey, at least I heard it! (Thank you WXRT)

Jack played songs from his new album, along with Deadweather, Raconteurs, White Stripes hits and even a few classic cover songs. He played “You know, I know” by [the original] Hank Williams and I pictured the old folks that I used to watch two-stepping around the dance floor at the shows my dad used to play in. I may have gotten up and danced around my living room.

Alt-J: This is All Yours


I am highly anticipating Alt-J’s new album, This is All Yours, due in September 2014. Their premier album, An Awesome Wave, was more than that. With tracks like Tesselate, Breezeblocks and Fitzpleasure, the sound waves were incredible! Not to mention the mathematical and scientific design behind the music. Their latest leaks have new, impressive rhythms and melodies. Hear it for yourself!

Jimi Hendrix: All Is By My Side


I’ve been hearing updates for this movie over the last couple of years with delays for various reasons. Producers ended up casting Andre 3000 as the lead role, Jimi. Today, they have FINALLY released a preview – I am a little disappointed in the preview, because it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Although, I think my love for music and the 60’s era will overcome my preconceived notions.