The Black Keys Talk Vinyl [Watch]


What a great article + video! During the video, I found myself thinking, “How cool is this?!” At the end of the video, one of the reporters asked, “Is it sustainable?” The answer is YES. The vinyls being pressed in the 1940 through the 70s-80s were meant to last up to 90 years or so before they become unplayable due to how thin and light-weight vinyls. Today’s records are pressed on 180g vinyl and will last twice as long. You figure about one year per gram.

I can relate to organizing and disorganizing my dad’s record collection. In fact, I took over half of them with me when I moved to Chicago. Sorry, Dad. I love them as much as you did, but am trying to take better care of them 🙂


Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys recently chatted with CBS This Morning about the music format that is actually growing in sales. In case you haven’t heard, vinyl is on the rise. Young folks are getting into the medium more and more every year and bands couldn’t be more excited. Vinyl is collectible, and according to most it sounds better than mp3 files. The experience of placing an LP on a turntable is infinitely more satisfying than just pressing play on your iPhone.

“It’s like buried treasure that isn’t buried”, says Auerbach, combing through bins of LPs in a record store. The blues-rockers recall spinning records in their youth and stress the importance of the vinyl tradition.

The duo mentions that all eight of their studio albums have come out on vinyl, even their 2002 debut The Big Come Up. “It doesn’t seem like our album is…

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