Jack White’s new album dropped yesterday. While I am still waiting for my LP to come in the mail, I decided to listen to the album on Spotify.

The lyrical content of songs, like Three Women, That Black Bat Licorice and I Think I found the Culprit, remind me of classic White Stripes, but played with a full band vs. a two-piece set and some very unique sounds added in. Other songs like the title track, Lazaretto, Temporary Ground, and High Ball Stepper combine Rock & Roll, classic country music, and blues with the sounds of violin, piano, steel guitar and the beautiful harmony of a female’s vocals. I love it.

I hate to say that I loved the music from Jack White’s last album, Blunderbuss, more because the music was almost unlike anything I had ever heard before. He mixed so many instruments and created a masterpiece (in my mind). I feel like Lazaretto is more light hearted and was more about the innovations and stretching the limitations of a vinyl LP (which I totally appreciate).

Please hear it for yourself.

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