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When I saw the lineup for Chive Fest Chicago, I realized that I had only ever heard of most of the bands. I am familiar with Matt & Kim, but the other bands intrigued me, so I sampled the music of Kitten, Empire of the Sun, and 2Chainz on Spotify. I enjoyed Kitten the most. I look forward to seeing them [her] perform!

10 New Artists You Need to Know: May 2014 Pictures – Kitten | Rolling Stone.



Finally, a new summer album to look forward to! I was on my drive home from work when I heard this song on the radio. Apparently they’ve released a bunch of songs before their album drops in August.

Here’s a Sample

Good Old Time Rock and Roll


I can remember my grandparents hearing the music I used to listen to and they would complain that “They don’t make music like they used to in the good ole days.” My grandmother would reminisce about jumpin’ and jiving, doing the jitterbug or cuttin’ a rug with my grandpa.

A couple of years ago I heard JD McPherson’s “North Side Gal” on WXRT radio and needed to hear more. Turns out the album Signs & Signifiers is chalked full of classic 1950’s rock and roll tunes. Hopefully we will hear some new music from JD McPherson soon!

Check out what JD McPherson is up to on jdmcpherson.com

or Sample his music below.


R.I.P. – Casey Kasem


It’s a sad day in music history. I remember when I was in my early teens and would lock myself in my room, I would turn on the local music station and would often hear Casey Kasem’s Top 40 countdown. In fact, I listened to a cassette tape I recorded of song from the Top 40. His voice was iconic and you can certainly tell where Ryan Seacrest gets it from.

Below is a link to an article about some of Kasem’s major life events. I had no idea he was a voice in Scooby Doo, or that he was so involved in other [then] current events to do good around the world. I have so much more respect and suddenly, a slightly greater feeling of loss. Rest In Peace, Casey Kasem.

Casey Kasem, legendary radio personality, dies at 82 – CNN.com.

Jack White’s Ultra LP


My album came in the mail, and I’ve finally had the chance to go through my rituals of opening a brand new LP. First of all, even box the LP is shipped in is designed with the iconic “Third Man” stripes. OK – I’m impressed.

After peeling off the plastic, and sliding out the vinyl sleeve and other inserts, I carefully remove the record from the sleeve. At first, I was slightly disappointed that there was no Angelic 3D hologram on the vinyl like it’s featured in this video. Until I was picking up my dining room table and noticed a little leaflet that had a note saying you might need to shine a spotlight over Side-A to see the hologram! YES! The Ultra LP is everything they said it would be!

Jack White’s new album, Lazaretto, is set to be released in June. It’s being referred to as an Ultra LP. Let me tell you, this is monumental in the history of vinyl records. Nothing like this has ever been done before. Jack White and Third Man Records achieved not one, but SIX new features. Please watch this video to see for yourself – prepare to have your mind blown!

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Led Zeppelin by Tame Impala


Led Zeppelin is the bonus track on Tame Impala’s latest album, Lonerism. I found it a bit unusual that the bonus track didn’t come at the end of the album. I was also disappointed that it’s not available on Spotify…

Anyway, it follows the song Elephant, my second favorite song on this album. Led Zeppelin also just so happens to be my favorite classic rock band. I believe this song pays tribute to the band in a tasteful and original way. The rhythm makes you groove and is just a feel-good song. Please listen.

The Black Keys Talk Vinyl [Watch]


What a great article + video! During the video, I found myself thinking, “How cool is this?!” At the end of the video, one of the reporters asked, “Is it sustainable?” The answer is YES. The vinyls being pressed in the 1940 through the 70s-80s were meant to last up to 90 years or so before they become unplayable due to how thin and light-weight vinyls. Today’s records are pressed on 180g vinyl and will last twice as long. You figure about one year per gram.

I can relate to organizing and disorganizing my dad’s record collection. In fact, I took over half of them with me when I moved to Chicago. Sorry, Dad. I love them as much as you did, but am trying to take better care of them 🙂