Paul McCartney’s “New” album


I first heard “Appreciate” on the radio in the car with a few friends of mine. I turned it up and almost couldn’t believe my ears. I knew immediately that it was Paul McCartney, but had a difficult time figuring out if it was old or new. After looking the song up, I found it was part of Paul McCartney’s album titled, “New.”

This song sounded like classic 1960’s Beatles music in combination with today’s electro-pop sound (which really isn’t new to the Beatles). I thought to myself, “Wow, it’s really awesome that he can create a song that reaches such a wide range of listeners!”

I also really liked the sound of “Queenie Eye,” it has kind of a “Magical Mystery Tour” feel to it. I watched McCartney perform “Everybody Out There” on an awards show and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also immediately recognized the cover artwork of Dan Flavin or at least the artwork of someone heavily inspired by Dan Flavin…bonus points for being in the know!

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