My First Post



I have loved you since I was in the womb. My father is a drummer and my mother, a proud supporter, went to all of his shows. I remember being toted around to small venue sets where my dad would play and to large concerts where a 4-year old would never want to lose their mom/dad. Then as soon as I could drive, I was eager to go to my first concert on my own. I grew up on country music and bubble-gum pop music. In my late teens, I really started to grow an eclectic music library. I played piano as a child and guitar during my “awkward years.” I loved my job at the local music/entertainment store during college. Today, I begin my latest dream: To share the enthusiasm and passion I have for music with others in hopes that you, the reader, will be just as psyched as I am.

A great image to start with:

The design caught my attention first and the quote says it all.


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