Jack White


I wouldn’t say Jack White is a new fave. I’ve been a huge fan of Jack White since “Seven Nation Army,” my freshman year in high school, to be exact. I’ve enjoyed The White Stripes, Dead Weather, the Raconteurs, as well as some of his other albums he’s produced, like Wonda Jackson (now that’s an old lady who can rock). A few years ago Jack White released “Blunderbuss,” and I loved everything about it. I first heard the album in the music store I was working in at the time. Then I bought the vinyl record for myself. Opening a new vinyl record always gets me excited, it’s like taking a book worm to buy a new hard-back book. I carefully peel the plastic wrapping off, and slowly open the vinyl and pay close attention to overall design and font usage. I smell it, I touch it all over and notice the appropriate simi-gloss spot varnish on a decent matte album cover. I put the first record on as I inspect all the other elements to my newest addition…His wide range of music styles and ability to move one’s soul from one spectrum to another is magical.

A couple of years back, I had the pleasure of watching his set at Chicago’s Lollapalooza. The first half of the show was played with an all-male band dressing in a 1940’s garb. The second half of the set was played with a female band. The Chicks totally rocked harder. The finale brought the entire band together for a spectacular performance. The best part is when they show the point of view from the artist looking over the crowd and the sun setting behind the skyline on the side screens.

I am very excited to hear what the mastermind has on his upcoming album, Lazaretto, drops Tuesday, June 10. You can Pre Order the album here.

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